BNI & The Power of One

In this new series on Do Your Members Know we ask do your members know the number one misconception of your business?

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In this podcast we interviewed Mike Dolpies of Cyberspace to Your Place who is a member in our New Hampshire region.  Mike shares his insight about BNI as a two time member.  You can find out more about Mike here:

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In this podcast we share two interviews we conducted with our last two winners for our Membership Extravaganza.  These two interviews share some great tips from fellow members on what their chapter did to qualify, how they invite visitors, and how their trip was!

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In this podcast Eric and Tim discuss how to be more effective with your Sales Manager Minutes

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In this podcast we discuss what is our purpose when networking, and how BNI provides us with some networking opportunities often missed.

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In this podcast we discuss why mentoring your new members is vital to the success of every member in the chapter!

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In this podcast we discuss the difference between a chapter running like a business, and a chapter running like a club.  How are they different?  Which is the right way for BNI?  Why does one make money and the other doesn't?

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In this important podcast we discuss the importance of being present.  We discuss how too many members may be physically present at your meeting, but is their mind there?  If we are not fully engaged during the meeting, a one to one, or trainings you will not receive or pass the referrals you want.  This is also important in other aspects of our lives.

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In this podcast Eric and I revisit some tips on how to successfully invite for your meeting, and the role visitors play in increasing your chapter's retention rate.

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In this podcast we discuss how the energy of the group will effect the retention of the group.

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