BNI & The Power of One

In this podcast Eric and Tim discuss following up on referrals, and the communication necessary between the person receiving the referral, the referral themselves, and the referral source.

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Does your chapter suffer from a mob mentality that is detrimental to your success?

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In this podcast we discuss who you should be inviting to your chapter and the importance of growing your contact sphere.  Think about this: if everyone in your chapter brought in the ONE profession they wanted more than any other the chapter would double!

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In this podcast we discuss the difference between someone being a visitor to your chapter and someone being a guest.  We also discuss which one your chapter should be tracking and why.

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In this podcast we compare a BNI Membership to purchasing a Lottery Ticket.  Which one have you really done?

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In this podcast Tim and Eric discuss the Power of One mindset and what it could mean to the results of your chapter.

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In this podcast we discuss one of the most important things you need to train your fellow members on.  Imagine your fellow member sees a perfect referral opportunity for what?  What do they SAY to actually turn it into a referral?

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In this podcast we discuss the importance of being a Mentor, and the impact it can have on your personal membership and results!

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In this podcast we discuss one of the biggest challenges for people to accept in Networking and BNI, and why Disney World is costing you referrals!

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In Episode 2 of the Do Your Members Know Series we ask do your members know your why?

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