BNI & The Power of One

In this podcast we discuss how to handle a competitor visiting your chapter.  Should they do a Sales Manager Minute?  We talk about how it could be a HUGE advantage to you!

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BNI is focused on creating high quality referrals.  However, Leads can happen, and often do happen in BNI and in this podcast we discuss why this happens and how to avoid it.

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We discuss WHY we spent the entire 2011 year creating, tweaking, and studying our newest tool for your success, The Member Traffic Light Report.

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In this podcast we discuss one of, if not the, most important parts to your BNI meeting that is often over looked.  We will also discuss how you can grow your business by paying close attention to your actions during this part of the meeting.

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Who are you missing in your network right now?

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You wouldn't think bad economic news is good for your business in any way, however we discuss why it could be great news for you and your chapter!

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Many people will say they want referrals but do you REALLY want them?

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