BNI & The Power of One

This week we were joined by Keith Mercier of Progressive Mechanical.  Keith shares a true life story of the power of Givers Gain.  Imagine two competitors passing millions of dollars in business to one another.  It is happening and Keith tells us how!

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In this week's episode we heard from our guest Josey Johnson, a member of the BNI Profit Builders chapter in Jacksonville FL, who shared some tips on how to be successful networking during the upcoming Holidays!

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This week we talk with Kathy Allen of Greenlight Websites.  Kathy has been a member of BNI for almost 15 years.  In this podcast Kathy shares her experiences and how her chapter needed to change its culture to see the amazing results it does today. 

Find out more about Kathy at and checkout her book at!

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This week I was joined by Debbie Ulbrich, Owner of Krystal Ballroom Dance Studio in Salem NH, and Education Coordinator for the BNI Elite Chapter.  We discussed a fantastic educational moment Debbie did in her chapter about Open Networking.

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As we quickly approach the end of 2014 many people tend to slow down in their networking efforts.  This week we discuss why this can be a BIG mistake and why you need to start talking about the Holidays NOW!

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This week we had Raef Granger, a member in the BNI Seacoast Referral Connections chapter in Portsmouth NH, join the show.  Raef asked a great question in our Suggest A Topic feature and was gracious enough to join to discuss it.  The question is: What do you do when BNI starts really working for you and you get busy?

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“When people are financially invested, they want a return. When people are emotionally invested, they want to contribute.” -Simon Sinek

This week we discuss what this quote means in BNI!

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When troops are united, the brave cannot andvance alone, nor can the cowardly retreat - Sun Tzu

This week we discuss the importance of being a true TEAM for your success in BNI.  We ask if your chapter really is a TEAM or a group of strangers, and we take advise from Sun Tzu and The Art of War

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This week we discuss why we offer the amount of training, specifically this time of year with Leadership Teams, and why these trainings are important.  In our regions you have access to multiple types, and formats of training and we discuss why we are developing these for you our members.

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The one part of the Power of One that can make the most impact to you and your chapter's results is.....visitors.  Visitors bring in money even when they don't join.  This week we discuss how much of an impact having a steady flow of visitors to your chapter can have and why this is the best time of year to be inviting!

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