BNI & The Power of One

In this podcast we discuss how to focus your inviting for retention, and how the growth of your chapter will increase your chapter's retention rate.

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In this podcast we discuss how to set and achieve your goals this year!

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In this podcast we discuss the new update to BNI Connect that allows you to track all your results, and pass referrals online!

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In this podcast we discuss how to be effective in networking with your family during the Holidays!

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In this podcast we discuss the first ever Small Business Stimulus Week to take place the week of December 10th, and why it is a honor for our regions to be involved, AND what it means for you and your chapter.

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In this podcast Eric and I discuss the importance of your meeting location, and how it plays a role in your results.

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In this podcast we discuss the question: What was your intention when you joined BNI?  How has that changed?  What are you doing to achieve your initial intention?

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In this podcast we discuss the importance of utilizing BNI Connect for both your chapter and your individual membership!

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In this podcast Eric and Tim discuss how to use Facebook with your chapter.  Facebook offers a great tool for our chapters, and members, but there are certain things we need to focus on.

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In this podcast Tim and Eric discuss how it is all about implementation.  We can take all the trainings in the world, we can listen to every podcast, but how do we implement that information to see results.

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