BNI & The Power of One

This week we answer another topic submitted by a listener all the way from South Africa!!

Topic: I know I have basically 2 ways to improve my results (1) present my sales manager minute or presentation before more people or (2) do a better job of preparing and delivering those messages. I  have been trying to tweak my presentations to get more Tier 2 + referrals i.e. work from the member's CLIENTS but it is not working. I print for ALL the members regularly but I am only getting limited Tier 2 referrals. I believe for all of us, that is where the magic lies. What can you suggest? I am in the enviable position that I have a shop and get regular "simple" referrals from walk -ins but even there my staff an I are able to create and develop the more complex referrals. How do I train the members to take it to the next level? (I am currently the chapter Education Coordinator)

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This week we discuss how BNI can be misused and at extreme levels can hurt relationships.  We share a couple of recent examples as well!

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In this week's episode we talk about the importance of thanking those who have impacted us and a new initiative in BNI USA

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This week we go back to answering member questions.  This submission asks: No resources, no money, no people, no does one stay positive no matter how little you have?

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We are back!  Fist podcast of 2019.  This week we ask "Are You All In?"

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