BNI & The Power of One

In this week's episode we answer the first topic submitted through our website!  The question was:

Essentially, when I look across the members of my BNI chapter I see the closest thing to a 'sales force' that I have at this point in my business.

They are my sales team just as I am a member of their sales teams.

Have there been any podcast trainings lately emphasizing best practices as they relate to 'training' other BNI members to be your sales force?  Do you use collateral materials?  What about emphasizing value proposition over

benefits?  Key qualifying questions?  etc.    I would think I cant really

consider them 'trained' to represent me until some action steps have transpired.  Can a best practice checklist be developed?

I know this is pretty much the core of BNI but at the same time, the idea that we should be treating our BNI chapter mates as a 'sales force' can get lost in the noise and could be a good topic to reinforce on a pod cast.

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