BNI & The Power of One

Is your chapter letting people take advantage of it and your membership?  Everyday I see people, both inside and outside, taking advantage of BNI chapters and their members.  In this podcast we will discuss what that means and how to make sure it doesn't happen to you!

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Are you stuck in the hampster wheel?  Do you work harder and harder each year but always seem to be in the same place in business?  Referrals can help you move that wheel forward each year, but in order to do so you need to be asking for the right type!

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What is the secret to success in BNI? It is the same as in life, business, and sports, and it is the topic of this week's podcast!

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In this podcast we talk about how to become more effective in networking your business outside of your BNI chapter.  We discuss the first step which is truly living the Givers Gain philosophy and how it can help you WOW other business professionals, and get them to want to pass you referrals!

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Are you fun to refer to?  What are the characteristics that make someone fun, or un-fun, to refer to?  In this podcast we discuss these traits and how they can affect not only the amount of referrals you are getting but also the quality of referrals you are getting.

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In this podcast we will talk about the common mistakes people make during their showcase presentation.  We will also talk about what is your focus and goal when doing your presentation.

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The 4th of July is upon us, and it reminds us of the challenge of staying focused on our word of mouth marketing even when the holidays and summer are here.  In this podcast we will talk about why it is so important for you to stay focused and continue to network with your chapter members, even when the distractions of the nice weather and holidays make it difficult!

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How is being in BNI like being on a diet?  In this week's podcast we discuss what these two have in common and why they are so important.  Why do we go one diets?  Why do so many not work?  Why are we in BNI?  Why does it work so well for some while others seem to struggle?  These are all questions we answer in this podcast.  Listen and learn how to make BNI work for you.

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Most members know they need to do One to Ones, but in this podcast we will discuss why they are so vital to your success in BNI.  We will talk about why most members are not doing as many as they should, as well as how to make them more productive and efficient.

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In this podcast we talk about bringing value to your meeting even when you can't be there.  Specifically we discuss the substitute program and why BNI has one.  We will talk about what makes someone a valuable sub for you at your chapter, and why it is so important for you to put effort into finding the right sub for you.  Remember, having a sub is not about you, it is about your other members!

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